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Top Tips For A Successful Craft Fair


 Top Tips For A Successful Craft Fair

  1. Make sure you do a dry run of your stall set up before the event. Confirm the size of the table/space with the event organisers and then try out your display at home.  Once you are happy with how your stall looks, take a couple of pictures on your phone to serve as a reminder on the day.  When planning your set up, be sure to play with height and texture as this will add interest to your stall.  Pinterest is a great resource for stall inspiration…you can check my board out here.  It is also a good idea to make sure everything fits into your car!


  1. Make sure you are ready to take money any which way! A cash float is essential, but it is also worth investing in a card reader so you don’t miss out on any sales because the buyer doesn’t have cash with them. It is also worth having a receipt book for those who have paid by cash and require a receipt.  Most card readers offer the option to send a receipt by email.


  1. Have a mixture of high and low price points.  Low price point items tend to attract buyers to a stall, but you never know what they might end up buying! And while we’re talking about price, don’t forget to have all your prices clearly marked.  Most customers don’t like having to ask how much something is. If you are offering any show specials/discounts make sure you shout loud about them!

Craft Fair Preparation Make Sure You Have Clear Prices 

  1. Have an emergency fair kit, include things like water, snacks, lip balm, painkillers, plasters, wet wipes and extra clothes for you plus safety pins, string, zip ties, scissors, tape, bin bags, command strips, blu-tak, extra batteries for your stall. There aren’t many problems that can’t be solved with these guys.  Another essential is a portable charger for your phone and card reader.


  1. Bring a buddy if you can, but if you can’t make friends with your neighbours so they can cover for you if you need a comfort break.


  1. If your craft is portable (knitting, crochet etc.) bring a project with you to work on in your downtime. This can also create interest in your process.  Just make sure you don’t get so involved that you ignore your customers!


  1. If you make clothing, jewellery or accessories having a mirror available can make the difference between closing or losing a sale.


  1. Make sure you stall is clearly branded and have some postcards/business card to pop into bags and give out to those who aren’t quite ready to buy yet. Vista print and Moo offer affordable options, but check out your local printer too.  Mine has been amazing and has helped me out of some last minute sticky situations!

Make sure your branding is strong at a craft fair 

  1. Have a way for people to sign up to your mailing list. With GDPR this has become more difficult, but think about having an iPad set up for people to enter their details.


  1. Don’t forget your packaging materials: carrier bags, tissue paper, bubble wrap etc. For Christmas markets it might be a nice touch to offer a gift wrapping service.


  1. Consider whether or not you will need a chair. It can be tough being on your feet all day.  If you decide to take a chair a bar stool might be a good option as you won’t be hidden behind your stall.


  1. Promote, promote, promote!! Don’t rely on the fairs organisers to do all the work.  Tell your mailing list, use your social media and add details to your website.  The earlier you can start doing this the better.

Promote your craft fair

  1. Finally, don’t forget to be friendly and approachable. Don’t jump on customers as soon as they approach your stall, but be ready to chat and answer questions.  Make sure you acknowledge everyone with at least a smile, even if you are dealing with another customer and are not able to chat.


Whilst we’re all at these fairs to make money, that’s not all they are, they are a great way to meet like-minded people (both sellers and buyers), increase your network, to get feedback on your products and have some fun!


Do you have anything to add, I'd love to hear your tips.

Steph x