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Friday Five: 21st January 2022

1. Decorating...

We decided to freshen up the walls in the kitchen...we took them from pink to white.  We just used a basic trade white as we're hoping to rip out the kitchen and start over at some point this year.


2. Pressie to myself!

I treated myself to this gorgeous print from Charlotte Farmer with my birthday money.   I've been looking at it for years and I finally went for it!


3. Pink glitter

I took delivery of the most gorgeous neon pink glitter paper this week and I can't wait to turn it into a new Valentine's themed bunting.


4. Feeling like a Lucky B!

I've been listening to Denise Duffield-Thomas reading her book Lucky B*tch on Audible this week.  It's really made me think about my mindset, I've always practiced gratitude, but including my finances in my gratitude has been eye opening.  As a small business owner It's easier to get sucked into the slow sales spiral in January, but Denise D-T has me looking at the positives, rather than focusing on the negative.

5. Rachy's 40!

We should have been in Paris last weekend celebrating my best friends 40th, but unfortunately with he travel restrictions that wasn't to be.  Instead we had a delicious Thai at 101 Thai in Hammersmith.  Happy Birthday Rachy, love you!!